What is Holon?

Holon is a decentralized digital identity solution that gives users complete control of their data. They can enter their information, send it to validators that certify the truth of the data, and share it with websites and other services that need their information. The user has control of who accesses their data and can accept or not share certain information. Built with Blockchain – decentralized and secure technology, Holon is an open source system that can be integrated into different business models according to the needs of the company.

Why should I use?

Can you remember how many websites did you need to register and store personal info like first name, last name and address? Holon wants to solve this problem: with our digital identity you can control access across multiple platforms without the need to manage different users and passwords for each one. Our system is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation and can be used in the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, a customer identification process that involves steps to assist in verifying customer identity.

We create Holon to offer

Self-sovereign identity

A single place to control your digital identity and who access your data.


Informations certified by Validators and trustworthy data to share safely with anyone.


Builded with Blockchain, your data is saved in a decentralized database without any other owner but you.

How it works


We nominate as Persona any entity that creates your Holon identity (person, company, artificial intelligence or any other entity). To do this you need to install the Google Chrome extension. After that you have access to all the possibilities our solution offers: add data, send for validation, check the wallet balance, send or receive ethers, check if companies requested access your data etc.


To offer your service as validator in Holon you need to be a Persona first and have a value (ether) in stake. Retained value show the Holon ecosystem that you know the importance of your service. It is during registration that you choose your business strategy: for free if want to do the service for free; charged if want to charge for the service; or rebate if wish to pay to Persona who submit their data for validation.


The entity that requests permission to access Persona data must also have a Holon identity. During the site development, the entity (companies or service sites) defines in the code which data will be requested from Persona. Consumer has access to information only after Persona permission. The user knows exactly what data the company accessed and authorizes this sharing.



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Holon is a open source project and you can contribute with our application! Visit our Github for more information.

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